Venture Off

Established at the University School of Colorado Springs (USCS) as a means to provide students with a challenging, perspective-stretching experience.  The goal of the founder, Jeff Cooper, was to get students out of their comfort zones, both literally and figuratively, and Venture Off has been faithful to that vision. Students who join a Venture Off event, whether it’s a few hours or a few days, will have the opportunity to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The Physical:

Venture Off participants will learn technical skills they can put into practice lifelong. Their bodies will be challenged in dexterity, balance, strength, and stamina.

The Mental:

In the process of participating in Venture Off activities, students will learn to value other team members’ personal differences, will grow in confidence, and will put into practice principles of both teamwork and leadership.

The Spiritual:

As they venture outside and are exposed to the beauty of God’s creation, students will also be exposed to the value of others, even when they’re from different backgrounds or ways of life. On longer trips, students will have opportunities to meet with their Creator and hear from Him outside of the noise of their everyday lives.



“Don’t ask what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

-Howard Thurman



Summer Trip


Canyoneering, Climbing, and Mountaineering

Colorado, Utah

Canyoneering, Climbing, and Mountaineering

Colorado, Utah

May 30th – June 8th

$500 Before April 1st – After: $600

Special deal for USCS students: $800 for two (one must be a local student outside of USCS) – Deal good until April 1st.

During our time in we will be rock climbing and climbing some of Colorado’s highest peaks and descending slot canyons in Utah.  The trip is designed to  challenge you physically, mentally, and spiritually.


For Parents

You are making an investment in the growth, development and character of your child as well as providing him or her an amazing experience. Venture Off is a branch of University School of Colorado Springs and as a school we are excited to offer trips, our students regularly have the opportunity to go on, to more and more schools/students across the country.

We will be relying on your child to meet our school’s expectations for behavior and effort in order to successfully complete their trip. We understand and expect there to be varying levels of motivation. We understand there could be homesickness, doubt, lack of confidence, or even a desire to give up but we will help them work through these challenges. Our desire is to help students push past adversity and doubt and successfully complete their trip. If, however, a student is determined to leave we simply cannot and will not make them stay. A student who is unwilling to fully participate or corporate can compromise their safety and quality of the trip for the rest of the students and will contact you to arrange for travel home. We recommend reviewing this information with your child.


On a Venture Off course we will be living and traveling in wilderness settings that will open us to certain risks. We believe those risks will enable us to gain insight, grow our self awareness, and change perspectives with opportunities unavailable anywhere else. Risk and uncertainty are central to the concept of adventure.

We have over 14 years of experience leading youth groups into the wild. We have qualified leaders who have many hours of experience in all areas that we experience. All of our leaders are at least CPR and First Aid certified as well as having at least one leader who is a Wilderness First Responder. Statistically speaking students are more likely to get injured on the drive to the airport to drop them off then they will on any wilderness activity we do.

The ability to communicate with emergency help is always a priority with us. On each trip we will carry a device called “SPOT” which allows us, through satellite technology, the ability to send for local search and rescue support from anywhere in the country. SPOT also allows family and friends to track our every move and see our current location any time of day on the internet using Google maps.

Yet risk and uncertainty are central to the concept of adventure. The intent is not to avoid activities involving risk but to embrace them. Risk is a platform for delivering meaning, growth, physical fitness, and leadership. Our staff is trained to identify and manage the risks of travel in remote areas. While our instructors are trained you must take responsibility for your own well being and follow all instructions. You should come to your course prepared to work hard, take responsibility for yourself, and master the skills taught on the expedition because you will be traveling in a remote area, hours or even days, from definitive medical care.

For your safety, it is extremely important that you share any and all medical or psychological issues you have when filling out the medical history section of the application.

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